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Our Vineyards

Wine is made in the vineyard.
That is why we are a 100% estate grown winery. All grapes used in our winemaking are grown on site, allowing us to control every decsion from the start of the growing season right through harvest. This allows us to focus on growing the highest quality grapes possible to be used in our wines.

Location is Everything

Our unique site is located on one of the highest points in Berrien County, right in the heart of the Lake Michigan Shore AVA. We are located on glacier-carved hills with southernly facing slopes just 6 miles away from Lake Michigan. This gives us milder winters and a longer growing season, perfect for ripening many varieties of grapes, especially reds. Our vineyards are trellised and managed specifically to take advantage of the location, with higher trellising allowing us to capture more sunlight and practices such as leaf and cluster removal, encouraging quality growth.

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Our Grapes

Our oldest vines were planted in 1992 and we currently grow 21 different varieties of wine grapes on our 40-acre vineyard, these varieties are:

Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Sauvignon








Petit Verdot

Pinot Gris

Pinot Noir



St. Vincent

Sauvignon Blanc

Seyval Blanc





A Year in the Vineyard

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Winter in the Vineyard

The first half of winter is a time of rest and waiting in the vineyard, with the vines laying dormant under the snow.

At the beginning of February, we will begin the pruning process. Old canes are removed and younger fruitful canes are laid down to replace them for the coming year. 

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